2nd EP 
『Nothing Is So then what』

1.Alive And Wired
2.What I Need
4.Sickest Thing

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1st Album
『On The Inside』

1.The Calling
2.King Of Hearts
3.Can You Handle This
4.On The Inside
5.All This For Me
6.Won't You Stay
7.Don't Watch Me Like That
8.Carry On
10.Human Again 

『Human Again』のダウンロード売上の100%がユメミノ音泉村に
寄付されることになりました。 →ダウンロード(英語サイト)



ところで私はローカルFM局でラジオ番組を持っています。彼女のほかに紹介すべきアーティストなんていない! そう思った私はマイスペースを通じてメッセージを出しました。彼女は番組出演を快諾してくれ、CDを送ってくれました。マリジャのCDはMP3ではなく、しっかりしたステレオでドカ〜ンと聴きたくなるCDでした。


アルバムには10曲が収められています。9番目の曲「キャンドルズ」で、マリジャは夢の中で浜辺を探します。しかし彼女を照らすキャンドルはありません。この歌は若い日々の苦悩を歌っているのだろうかと考えました。混沌の中で始まるメロディーは辛い人生を思わせます。しかし「who are you」と歌うサビには特別な何かが潜んでいました。泣きたい気持ちにさせる特別なものです。メロディーはいたってシンプル。 Who(ソ)-Are(ラ♭)-You(シ♭)、これだけ!だけど泣けちゃうんです。暗雲の中に光を見つけたような気持ちになり、彼女の声に心は震えます。





First of all, I am not good at English. I know it is not enough to express how wonderful Marija's music is. But I couldn't stop this feeling to write.
Though I don't remember how I visited Marija's Myspace page, I can't forget the sensation when I heard her voice for the first time. "Wow! What is that? Who is she? Awesome!!" This seems like all the comments people were writing there.
As you know, there are a lot of independent artists who want to promote their songs with Myspace all over the world. But she has a completely professional sound. Of course you can listen to samples of her CD on her page.
I thought she must be very famous in Canada. But she didn't have her own CD! I couldn't believe that. But soon I noticed Michael Wagner, who produced Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and many artists, is producing her music. It brought me big expectations to her new CD.
By the way, I have a radio show in a local FM station in Japan. Whom should I introduce except her! I sent my message with Myspace page to her, and she gave a ready consent, and I got her new CD. Marija's CD "On The Inside" is the work which I want to listen not with MP3 but with good stereo gears.

Songs "The Calling" and "Don't watch me like that" will knock you out easily. There is nobody can't understand. If you are a fan of rock music, you will recognize that she has all the important elements.
Nobody can complain. Her vocal is really emotional.
I have never cried with music for many years. I always listen to music, and look for new sounds. But she makes me cry. Damn it! She is a heartbreaker!

The album has 10 songs. And the 9th song is called "Candles". She is searching beaches in her dreams, and doesn't know where's the candle that would keep her from losing. I am wondering if the words are symbolized for her younger days. Melody starts in chaos. It sounds like life that is so tough.
But there must be something special in the chorus part that she sings"who are you". Something that makes us cry. The melody is not complicated at all. Who( G)-Are(A♭)-You(B♭). Simple!
But it makes me cry anyway. WHY!I felt like I saw the light within the clouds called chaos in the sky. I was trying to think why her voice makes me so impressed. Arrangement or passing modulation? Voice or words? I don't know, but I am sure of the chemistry in her songs. Marija wishes, begs, grieves in her song. Severely, heavily, and sometimes weakly. She absorbs our emotions and sublimates. My feelings fly away with the wings of angels. There are not many vocalists who can make such chemistry.
Why she can, deeply moves me. I want you to find the answer by yourself.
And I hope the light will shine on her and the wings of fame will take her to a higher place.

Arist, Producer, Radio DJ for local FM station Japan,
Tokyo Japan.


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